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Crafting Customer Persona through Social Media Data

For effective marketing today, you need to do your research really well. You need to know who are buying your products and you also need to know that groups that are reserved when it comes to your product and why that is the case. It would be very unfortunate to spend large sums of money on campaigns that people will not be looking at. We are living in a digital age where we have a lot of data at our disposal.

Data will enable you to track the customers still on the fence and those that are at the checkout process. A business is able to obtain the information such as the products that the customer is clicking to see and that information can be stored so it can be sued in the future. The information, when looked at disparately, happens to be just talking points but when looked ta collectively where trends are seen then that is much more valuable. From the data gathered you can tell a lot of about the persona of people that are frequenting your sites such as their age, the income of the household and even their location.

The different set of personas will be important in coming up with an ideal person who is likely to make a purchase from your business. However do not categorize the customer base because there are different personality types and preferences and other aspects of demographics. Facebook is one social media platform commands a big customer base, with a business account you will have access to Facebook insights where you get to have customer information. The characteristics here are still generalized but you can use them to specifically deal with people who will engage on a one on one basis with your business.

Just like Facebook has insights, Twitter offers you twitter analytics which will do you good if you are a business owner. similar to how Facebook does, twitter analytics also breaks down the followers with interest by the e location, language, and location. Twitter analytics goes an extra mile and adds an interest tab where the audience is further split by the type of interest they have. You also get to see the type of devices that the audience is using while accessing your content while on twitter. This information is all relevant because there is no way you are going to use file formats that are not compatible with some devices of visitors that are interested in your product. With a clearer image of the interests gathered from Facebook and Twitter followers, use it to find content or groups on LinkedIn based on what you want and buyer personas.